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General Counselling

Are you finding day-to-day living difficult to cope with? Is anxiety or depression affecting your ability to lead a fulfilling life? Do you need to explore possible alternatives to current life problems and seek help with making a decision? Do you lack self-confidence? Then counselling may help:

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Psychosexual Therapy

Is there a sexual difficulty affecting your life? Does this difficulty affect your ability to form new relationships? Is it affecting your current relationship? Have medical causes been eliminated, or at least identified, but the problem remains? Are you confused about your sexuality? Then a specialist psychosexual therapist may be able to assist:

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Relationship Counselling

Is your relationship in difficulty? Do you and your partner have problems in communicating fully? Is a lack of intimacy causing problems for one or both of you? Has the romance disappeared and you find yourselves in a rut? Are you trying to resolve the effects of an affair on your relationship? Is divorce being discussed and you wish to try to recover what has been lost before making a final decision? Then relationship and couples counselling may help:

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Gender and Diversity Therapy

Do you have concerns about your gender identity? Do you consider yourself to be trans or non-binary in nature? Do you wish to explore your inner feelings on these issues? Are you a friend, partner or relative of someone who has recently told you of their own confusion and you are seeking help to understand? Then perhaps I can help:

Transgender Counselling




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Kirstie McEwan

Dip.couns, MBACP 

Integrative Therapeutic Counsellor
Psychosexual Psychotherapist
Relationship Counsellor

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Welcome to Counselling With Confidence. My name is Kirstie and thank you for your interest.

I no longer provide face-to-face sessions. All sessions are now provided online only via secure internet link. I am aware that this is a different experience to that with regular face-to-face therapy. However, the ability to form a therapeutic relationship is no different when working online. If you have concerns about how you might feel in the online environment I am happy to arrange a short ten minute introductory meeting. Please contact me if you wish to try this.

I am a qualified integrative therapeutic counsellor working with clients to deal with the day-to-day difficulties which we all face at times.

In addition to my general qualification I have successfully completed training to become a psychosexual and relationship counsellor. I have then undertaken further specialist training with Pink Therapy to work with gender, sexual and relationship diversity, an area of therapy which is of particular importance to me.

I work with individuals and couples, whatever their sexual orientation, gender identity or relationship status.

I am registered with the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). As an integrative counsellor I draw on my awareness of the various theoretical approaches and schools of psychotherapy to tailor therapy to suit a client’s needs. The relationship between you, the client, and me, as the therapist, is an essential part of the therapy. I believe that this is achieved by providing a safe, confidential and non-judgmental space within which to work, where trust built between us enables you to work with the potentially painful and debilitating issues that you may be experiencing.

As all sessions are now held online there is no geographical limitation to whare a client is located. All that is required is a quiet confidential space from which to make the link.

In accordance with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulations 2018 I am obliged to advise how I use any data and personal information collected, either through this website or in direct communication with you as client , or potential client. Please read the privacy statement which can be accessed from the drop-down menu on the contact page link at the top of each page or from the link on the bottom of each page.

Please feel free to browse the site and, should you have any queries or wish to arrange a no-obligation first assessment session, then please get in touch.

Thank you.

General Counselling:

  • Lack of confidence
  • Low self-esteem
  • Stress
  • Panic attacks
  • Anxiety
  • Bereavement
  • Redundancy
  • Depression
  • Anger

Psychosexual Therapy:

  • Disability
  • Sexual Identity Issues
  • Low Sexual Desire
  • Orgasmic Difficulties
  • Vaginismus
  • Painful Intercourse (dyspareunia)
  • Erectile Difficulties
  • Ejaculation Problems
  • Sex Addiction
  • Fetish & Paraphilia

Relationship Counselling:

  • Life changes
  • Money
  • Sexual issues
  • Affairs
  • New baby
  • Infertility
  • Divorce

Gender and Diversity Therapy:

  • Confusion about Gender and Sexual identity
  • Issues about transition